COCC provides financial and banking technology solutions including teller software, business process management, electronic and mobile banking, apps, risk management and more to their core group of community banks in the Northeast U.S.


COCC is committed to helping its clients achieve their strategic initiatives and remain competitive by delivering industry-leading core and business processing solutions. Continuing its legacy of innovation and collaboration with clients, COCC wanted to offer its banking partners the capability to communicate effectively with customers and transform basic, functional communications into effective marketing tools to cross sell products and services. COCC sought a service provider to analyze its existing process and find new ways to build relationships with customers through communications.


COCC selected Computershare Communication Services as its partner to establish new communication solutions for its clients. Considering COCC objectives and their clients’ needs, Computershare developed a comprehensive methodology combining design, process, technology and a mix of delivery channels to maximize the impact of customer communications.

Computershare employed its BankConnect™customer communication platform, which enabled COCC to enhance revenue retention — and turn a traditional business expense into a powerful marketing tool. COCC clients now have a robust toolkit to create transaction statements and notices, deploy batch notice printing and deliver targeted communications to customers.


As of today, Computershare has partnered with over 120 COCC member banks to transform their functional statements and notices to effective customer communications and marketing tools. COCC clients are building stronger customer relationships and driving new revenue streams via dynamic statement messaging and targeted inserts. In addition, Computershare provides enhanced reporting tools that marketing departments at member banks can utilize to effectively measure their promotional campaigns. Computershare also offers COCC members an advanced marketing solution that utilizes predictive analytics to segment and create real-time targeted promotions for bank customers.

Building on this successful partnership, Computershare continues to develop and bring to market new solutions for COCC members ensuring every connection delivers a consistent customer experience.

“Partnering with Computershare Communication Services allows COCC to bring our clients the highest quality of transactional communications to our member banks. They allow us to fulfill our mission of delivering the latest technology and superior customer service and supporting the finest, most cost-effective banking solutions.”

Senior Vice President, COCC